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Dynamictexture started as a series of optical illusions web backgrounds.
Besides that, the site features a blog where I publish some of my projects, some which aren’t even published here.

Have a look:

Mărţişoare din mâţişoare

This year I had a (very) little time for my Mărţişoare hobby (making little crafts to be worn at the beginning of spring – Romanian Tradition ) they symbolize the renewal of nature.

Martisoare din Matisoare

Human Traffic – Human Cost

This infographic shows different types of human traffic, or other ways of paying for human life, worldwide, from the ancient times to present.
I’ve chose to design it like a spider web in order to be a metaphor for such a negative network from which once caught is hard to escape.
Made for “The Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards” Knowledge is Beautiful Challenge. Published in the Shortlist.
Click on the image to view it bigger.


Facts About Meteorites, Illustrated By Meteorites

Won the 3rd prize at the‘s Meteorites Challenge. Click on the image to view the infographic.


Clock for Day and Night

A minimalist clock displaying your local hour by showing how much from the Day (AM time – white), or from the Night (PM time – black) has passed.

To view the other hours, move your mouse over it.

The closer you are to the center, the faster time flies – just how we feel time flows at different speeds depending on what we are doing or feeling…

Information Graphics by TASCHEN

I just received the new information design book from Taschen:
“Information Graphics” by Sandra Rendgen, edited by Julius Wiedemann.

I am happy to have 1 infographic included in it.

When I received it, my first reaction was, “This book is gigantic! :)”, it is, indeed, with it’s 480 A3 pages, and the huge amount of information in it – in the form of essays and of course, diagrams and infographics – which are very easy to be read because of the size of the pages, and some of them even expanding on 4 pages, folded within the book.

I definitely have a lot to learn from it!

The book launches Monday, April 16th at Taschen’s London store (12 Duke Of York Square in Chelsea), but it’s already a big success, as it is the #1 pre-orders at Graphic Books on Amazon.

Below I’ve added a link where you can buy it from Book Depository, as I prefer it, simply because they sell books with free shipping anywhere in the world.

buy the book from The Book Depository, free delivery

Martisoare Butterflowers II

Butterflowers Martisoare 2012

Available in Cluj-Napoca Romania between 27 feb.-02 mar. 2012 (o sa anunt locatia probabil in Matei Corvin).

View last year’s Butterflowers Martisoare.

Why Butterflowers? View the Butterflowers’ Garden.

Butterflowes Martisoare 2012

2010 Global Migration – Double Paper Pie Chart

An interactive/hand-made paper pie chart about The 2010 Global Emigration and Immigration.

How to play: drag the sliders. Go to the end of the sliders to exit and be able to explore another slider, or when you see the >> marks, go there and explore further.

flash here

The visualization presents the 2010 global emigration and immigration, by showing the top 30 countries by the number of emigrants/immigrants, and all the rest of the world grouped by geographic regions, and shows where and how many people are migrating for each of these countries/regions.

It is also a work about data visualization in general, as I was exploring the relationships between different type of graphs, and how the information can flow, naturally, from one type of graph to another, in this case, from a flow diagram into 2 pie charts. To emphasize this, I chose to make it in traditional media (paint and paper); Then I had to bring it back into the digital world and program the interaction, so you can see it.

Enjoy exploring :)

Details and making-of:

2010 Global Migration Paper Pie Chart - vertical viewsPainting viz2010 Global Migration Paper Pie Chart - Detail 52010 Global Migration Paper Pie Chart - Detail 32010 Global Migration Paper Pie Chart - Detail 42010 Global Migration Paper Pie Chart - Detail 1 2010 Global Migration Paper Pie Chart - Detail 2

Snowflake / Star Greeting Card

A css3 animated greeting card from me to you!
To be viewed Firefox orChrome. Move your mouse over it :)


Merry Christmas

& Happy New Year!!!

        Alexandra wishes you :

made by ixycreativity

Visual Storytelling

Visual Storytelling is a new dataviz book by Gestalten, which includes 2 of my works: The Paper Pie Chart, and The Individual CO2 Paper Pie Chart.
The photographs below are taken by me in the same park I photographed the paper pie chart, a year ago.

There is so much creativity in this book!!!

buy the book from The Book Depository, free delivery