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Dynamictexture started as a series of optical illusions web backgrounds.
Besides that, the site features a blog where I publish some of my projects, some which aren’t even published here.

Have a look:

Snowflake / Star Greeting Card

A css3 animated greeting card from me to you!
To be viewed Firefox orChrome. Move your mouse over it :)


Merry Christmas

& Happy New Year!!!

        Alexandra wishes you :

made by ixycreativity

The HTML Christmas Tree

Please view this page in FIREFOX, the tree shows well in FIREFOX only.

Made only in html and CSS3, the tree is a very long and complex paragraph.
You can select it with your mouse – it has an interesting shake when selecting it.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, & Best Wishes to everyone who views it 😉

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««* ««««*«««««««**««««««*«««««««*««««*««««««*«*«««««

I wish you Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year
made by Ixy 2010

CSS is beautiful – Illustrations

Some illustrations drown constucted in html/css. They are made from divs, mainly just experiments with border-radius.

Each element in the flower is a div, with position:absolute;. The rainbow is made from 4 divs one inside the other, positioned relative, colors are from border/background/border/background of each div, one inside the other.

Oh, they work in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and latest Opera. In Internet Exlporer – only if you want to see a square flower and a square rainbow.