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Rec Easter

A website I did for the New Media Documentary Master course I was part in.




A new version of a popular website that shows a live view from the center of Cluj-Napoca, as well as photo, and video galleries and other info.
In this project I did web development, consulting and only very few design.

transylvaniacam webcam info

transylvaniacam gallery, menu

transylvaniacam highlights

Ecommerce site for a handmade & bio cosmetics shop, the client wanted a grid that resembles the “seed of life”pattern.
Webdesign, implementation on wordpress.

Product in modal view

Dumitru Vonica Paintings

Portofolio website for the entire work of Dumintru Vonica, Romanian painter that painted during 50′ to 90′.
Webdesign and implementation (content editing, as usually, too).
Enjoy the gallery as I did while working on it!


Plugin combination: to add a zoom, on click, inside a fancybox.
By the way the zoom shows the image 1:1 – in real life size.
Gray background on hover for text zones to ease reading.


Website for a children endocrinology and pediatrics doctor and her medical cabinet in Cluj-Napoca. With warm colors and playful animated elements the site has friendly and professional attitude. The site shows photography taken in the cabinet, animated using scrolling parallax effects.
Logo, photography, design, implementation.

A large list of scientific publications, arranged in the same style of the site, but simplified.

Kangencluj redesign

Redesign of an existing website.



Colegiul Tehnic Ana Aslan

Website for a highschool in Cluj-Napoca: Colegiul Tehnic Ana Aslan.
Webdesign, implementation on WordPress, content & image editing (up to the launch), few photos, many tables. One of the biggest sites I did as a freelancer.

Mediator in Cluj

One-page website for a Mediation office.
Webdesign, webdevelopment, logo, & photography.
There are some little surprises that happen depending where you are in the page!

Organic Chemistry Laboratory Website

Website for a Chemistry Lab. at the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca: “Laboratory of Fine Organic and Heterocyclic Stereo-Synthesis – Prof. Mircea Darabantu Phd.”
It’s the first time I worked for a University.
In this project I did: webdesign, web development, photography and logo (the logo on the right).