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Let’s Play Chemistry

Let’s play Chemistry is a Leonardo da Vinci partnership project in which students from 3 schools from Austria, Hungary, and Romania met and developed a chemistry educational game: The Dark Element which is a more fun and motivating way to learn or exercise your chemistry knowledge. The game can be downloaded for free from the Let’s Play Chemistry website.
This project has been evaluated as Star Project by EST (European Shared Treasure).

For this project I did web and graphic design.

Wikispaces website, design and implementation:

CD + Booklets Design:

2m x 1m Posters presenting photos from project meetings and information about the project, which are displayed in school corridors:

Planeta eBook

Design and implementation by me on WordPress.
The blog also has 4 areas prepared for banners and few other things.

Bogdan Tiganov

Website for a writer.

Design and implementation on WordPress.

Honest Publishing

Website for a book publishing company.

Design and implementation on WordPress CMS

Updates (dropdowns, tabbed buy buttons and few other things)

TESTIMONIAL: “The Honest Publishing website has served us well, and continues to do so.”
Dan Marsh – Honest Publishing 7 Aug 2013

Logo & icon set:

logo and icon set

The first version I did. Since then, I developed more features and sections (as you can see above) such as interviews and author profiles (which connect together via a custom field), dropdowns for payment options, and many more.

Honest Publishing - first version

Site for the Romanian mountain area, Padis, known all over the world for it’s carstic landscape.
design & development on wordpress + logo + photo editing + some photography

More home page tabs, including Weather and interactive map:

The photo gallery: photo gallery

Details: Interactive bar for chalet accommodation offers + a reservation button.

Various pages:


Real estate agency that wants a stylish contemporary look.

design & implementation (xhtml+css, flash interactive header)

The flash in header:

3rd version: 3rd version

2nd version: 2nd version

1st version: 1st version