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Clock for Day and Night

A minimalist clock displaying your local hour by showing how much from the Day (AM time – white), or from the Night (PM time – black) has passed.

To view the other hours, move your mouse over it.

The closer you are to the center, the faster time flies – just how we feel time flows at different speeds depending on what we are doing or feeling…

Information Graphics by TASCHEN

I just received the new information design book from Taschen:
“Information Graphics” by Sandra Rendgen, edited by Julius Wiedemann.

I am happy to have 1 infographic included in it.

When I received it, my first reaction was, “This book is gigantic! :)”, it is, indeed, with it’s 480 A3 pages, and the huge amount of information in it – in the form of essays and of course, diagrams and infographics – which are very easy to be read because of the size of the pages, and some of them even expanding on 4 pages, folded within the book.

I definitely have a lot to learn from it!

The book launches Monday, April 16th at Taschen’s London store (12 Duke Of York Square in Chelsea), but it’s already a big success, as it is the #1 pre-orders at Graphic Books on Amazon.

Below I’ve added a link where you can buy it from Book Depository, as I prefer it, simply because they sell books with free shipping anywhere in the world.

buy the book from The Book Depository, free delivery

2010 Global Migration – Double Paper Pie Chart

An interactive/hand-made paper pie chart about The 2010 Global Emigration and Immigration.

How to play: drag the sliders. Go to the end of the sliders to exit and be able to explore another slider, or when you see the >> marks, go there and explore further.

flash here

The visualization presents the 2010 global emigration and immigration, by showing the top 30 countries by the number of emigrants/immigrants, and all the rest of the world grouped by geographic regions, and shows where and how many people are migrating for each of these countries/regions.

It is also a work about data visualization in general, as I was exploring the relationships between different type of graphs, and how the information can flow, naturally, from one type of graph to another, in this case, from a flow diagram into 2 pie charts. To emphasize this, I chose to make it in traditional media (paint and paper); Then I had to bring it back into the digital world and program the interaction, so you can see it.

Enjoy exploring :)

Details and making-of:

2010 Global Migration Paper Pie Chart - vertical viewsPainting viz2010 Global Migration Paper Pie Chart - Detail 52010 Global Migration Paper Pie Chart - Detail 32010 Global Migration Paper Pie Chart - Detail 42010 Global Migration Paper Pie Chart - Detail 1 2010 Global Migration Paper Pie Chart - Detail 2

Visual Storytelling

Visual Storytelling is a new dataviz book by Gestalten, which includes 2 of my works: The Paper Pie Chart, and The Individual CO2 Paper Pie Chart.
The photographs below are taken by me in the same park I photographed the paper pie chart, a year ago.

There is so much creativity in this book!!!

buy the book from The Book Depository, free delivery